UIs redefined for the better.

Principally different approach to building frontends where the planet benefits the most while users remain at center.

import React, { lazy } from 'react'
import { withSui } from '@sustainableui/sui-headless-react'
// High gCO2e/kWh at client location
const LowCarbonVideo = lazy(() => './VideoTranscript')
// Between High and Low gCO2e/kWh at client location
const ModerateCarbonVideo = lazy(() => './Video')
// Low gCO2e/kWh at client location
const HighCarbonVideo = lazy(() => './VideoAutoplay')
export default withSui([

SUI Ecosystem

Our vision

Our goal is to enable designers and developers build sustainable UIs on all platforms - be it web, desktop or mobile. We want to achieve this by maintaining a collection of core principles and an ecosystem of open-source tools that aim at streamlining the process.

Success Differently

SUI goes beyond good look & usability of UI as it is no longer enough.

Green Mode Design

SUI is capable of graceful degradation and leaves user in control.

Carbon Awareness

SUI does more when electricity is cleaner and less when electricity is dirtier.

Stay in the loop!

We are actively working on the project (see project updates page). Come back later or follow us on Twitter to receive regular updates about latest work on Sustainable UI.

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