Headless Solutions

Introduction to headless

Sustainability is a comprehensive topic that is hard to tackle all at once. For this reason, SUI project has kicked off during Carbon Hack 22 with a small solution that allows React web frontend developers to make web UIs carbon aware with more ease. The solution is a headless library built on top of green mode design principles.

Headless solution enables for separation of concerns. On one hand, it provides one part of the functionality but on the other, visual representation is missing. For example: button does not have a meaning without a handler function (what happens when user clicks on it). Headless library for a button would represent a handler function.

In other words, SUI has begun its journey towards helping build UIs with sustainability at core with a small piece of logic that sits beneath the actual components that compose the UI as users see it. This makes the concept super scalable and widely applicable.

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